CONCITO's sources of funding

CONCITO is independent of party political and commercial interests. Our work is mainly funded by foundations and public pools, as well as membership contributions from companies, civil society organizations, and individual members. On this page, you can read about our current donors.


On 4 May 2021, the VELUX Foundations announced a historic donation to the Danish climate effort totaling DKK 320 million over the next five years. Under the heading "70i30", a number of coherent climate initiatives will be supported that will, among other things, generate new knowledge, increase public engagement, and strengthen children's and young people's ability to act. Among these initiatives is CONCITO's think tank activity, which is supported by a total grant of DKK 156 million over the next five-year period. 

Read more about the grant from the VELUX Foundations and the 70i30 project on the  KR Foundations website.


In the period 2014-2016, the VILLUM FOUNDATION supported the analysis and organizational development project CONCITO 2.0. The aim of the project was to strengthen CONCITO's role as a knowledge-based and interdisciplinary think tank with an increased international outlook, including through three major analysis projects focusing on global energy resources, global climate solutions, and the climate impacts of consumption.

With support from the VILLUM FONDEN, CONCITO will work in the period 2018-2022 to roll out a strategy with a number of concrete program areas focusing on the main challenges and opportunities facing Denmark and the world in the climate field.

Realdania is funding the project Climate Adaptation - Quality Assessment of the Danish Effort for the period 2014-2016. In this project, CONCITO evaluates a number of Danish municipalities' climate adaptation plans and analyses how far the municipalities have come with the climate adaptation plans, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the plans.

Energy Fund
The Energy Fund finances the production of interactive educational material on sustainable construction and the development of the Energy DNA project.

As part of the project pool, The Good Young Life, Nordea-fonden finances the GRO SELV project of the Climate Embassy. Through networking and activities, the project aims to inspire and strengthen the skills of 18-24-year-olds to achieve a good, young, and safe everyday life based on economic, environmental, and social sustainability. The Nordea Foundation has also supported the work of the Climate Ambassador in the education of Generation Green, which has included strengthening the activities of the Climate Ambassador outside Copenhagen, the development of longer mentoring and workshop programs for primary schools, and pilot projects such as climate internships for secondary school students.

The Green Firepower Pool
With support from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's Green Light Initiative, Klimaambassaden is developing the project Guided Green Tours, which aims to increase schoolchildren's interest in and knowledge of concrete green and sustainable solutions in their own towns and local areas.

Friluftsrådet has allocated funds over a one-year period to support the development of the Climate Ambassade project Guided Green Tours.

Grundejernes Investeringsfond
Grundejernes Investeringsfond (GI) supports the Winter Academy project, a week-long academy for graduate students and recent graduates, through two grants. The Winter Academy was held successfully for the first time in 2015 and is now being repeated on the basis of a further grant in 2016 and 2017. The Winter Academy includes presentations, workshops, and case competitions, where participants learn more about the circular economy and sustainable transformation of the construction sector.

Danidas Oplysningsbevilling
With support from Danidas Oplysningsbevilling CONCITO will receive funding for the Global Sustainable Development Goals and the Climate Challenge project from 2016 to 2017. The project aims to equip secondary school students with professional knowledge, skills, and concrete experiences in relation to the new sustainability goals from a climate perspective and will result in digital and solution-oriented teaching material and workshops for secondary school students.


CONCITO also participates in a number of partnership projects funded by Danish and European research and innovation pools.

Det Strategiske Forskningsråd

AURES Project

Interreg – Øresund – Kattegat - Skagerak
Cleantech TIPP (Cleantech Testbed for Innovative Public Procurement)

Nordisk Ministerråd
Nordic Green To Scale Project

Personlige støttebidrag

It is possible to support CONCITO's work with an optional personal grant. You must donate at least DKK 200 annually for your contribution to qualify us to apply for tip funds, etc. Large personal contributions of 10,000 DKK or more will be acknowledged on this page if the donor so wishes.

Store personlige støttebidrag i 2019:
Anders Lavesen
Paul Holmbeck

Øvrige donorer

Over the years, CONCITO has also implemented projects with support from:

EU Regional Development Fund
European Climate Foundation
Ministeriet for Landbrug, Fødevarer og Fiskeri
Nordisk Ministerråd
Undervisningsministeriets Udlodningsmidler

CONCITO always seeks partnerships with foundations and other donors who share our goal of promoting the transition to green, climate-friendly and resilient societies at home and abroad. Contact Jarl Krausing for more information.