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  • Senior Analyst
    Application deadline
    CONCITO is looking for a Senior Analyst with relevant international experience for the Future Cities program.
  • cooling
    The multistakeholder Cool Coalition lead by UN Environment Programme, UNEP, at COP28 firmly placed sustainable cooling at the global agenda.
  • hte
    Brussels – Clean Air Task Force (CATF) and Danish think tank CONCITO announce a collaborative project aimed at contributing to a climate-proof, effective, and knowledge-based development of emissions trading in the European Union (EU). The project comes at a crucial juncture as the EU strives to achieve its ambition of becoming climate neutral by 2050.
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  • klimatilpasning oversvømmelse
    29 percent of the Danish area, and thus more than 440,000 year-round homes and almost 160,000 holiday homes, are already potentially affected by water from various forms of extreme weather - storm surges, heavy or prolonged downpours and rising groundwater. Such weather events will become more frequent and severe in the future. A new analysis from CONCITO suggests that the landscape, and the way we use it, is an important piece of the puzzle in dealing with tomorrow's wilder climate.
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  • indkø'b
    The climate impact of fish has been more than halved in the new version of CONCITO’s Big Climate Database and is now on the same level as the climate impact of pork and chicken. The climate database contains data on the climate impact of more than 500 different food products and is used by both professional food actors as well as households, to promote a more climate friendly food consumption.
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  • cop28 byer.jpg
    Dubai concluded with an agreement signaling the beginning of the end for fossil fuels. While this rightfully captured global attention, not everyone may have noticed a significant breakthrough in the global stage of COP negotiations: for the first time in the 28 years these summits have taken place, local climate efforts in municipalities and cities were included in the talks.
  • globale syd
    The year 2024 contains four crucial actions that must be taken to maintain the hope of creating a climate-proof future for all.
  • COP28
    "It's the investments…". Viewed through a climate lens, 2024 is poised to be marked by investments and financing. The coming year will demonstrate to developing countries that they have a real opportunity to choose and finance the green investment path for growth and development. At the same time, the UN process must finalize a challenging agreement on a common, quantitative goal to replace the $100 billion in climate support promised to developing countries in Copenhagen in 2009.
  • COP28
    There are many positive elements in the concluding text from COP28, notably historical aspects regarding the operationalization of a new 'loss and damage' fund and a de facto global commitment to a near future where fossil fuels are replaced by climate-friendly energy forms. However, from the perspective of developing countries, the outcome of COP28 is particularly mixed.
  • COP28
    COP28 has been named the most crucial climate summit since the Paris Agreement was signed. The summit marked the culmination of the first "global stocktake" under the Paris Agreement, which every five years is intended to provide a global status update on achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and set the course for bringing the world closer to these goals. But where do we stand now after COP28?
  • klh
    After much wrangling in Dubai, all countries in the world have for the first time agreed to turn their backs on fossil fuels. However, there are several loopholes in the text that Saudi Arabia and others will undoubtedly make use of. At the same time, the agreement does not ensure the necessary support for poor and vulnerable developing countries, despite a crucial agreement to get the Loss and Damage Fund up and running
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  • soma
    New report from Copenhagen University and CONCITO summarizes results from the research and practice project on social drivers and barriers for climate-friendly diets
  • oj
    While rapid and significant reductions in emissions must be the cornerstone of climate action, permanent carbon removals will have a role to play to achieve zero-net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • afrika
    New EU requirements for sustainability in value chains are a crucially important instrument to secure funding flows for the global south's green transition. At the same time, they can help build African countries' trust in Europe. But only if new regulation, such as the one we are now seeing from the EU, is followed up with targeted efforts to help countries meet value chain requirements.
  • skov
    The Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) are all aiming at achieving climate neutrality before 2050, but this will be hard to achieve with the current pace of the green transition in the Nordic region.
  • elbil
    In September, the International Energy Agency (IEA), published the report “Net Zero Emissions by 2050”. Once again, the report highlights that energy efficiency measures are vital tools to ensuring a transition towards net zero emissions. Regrettably, the report also highlights that the pace of energy efficiency deployment is insufficient, necessitating increased efforts from developed countries like Denmark.
  • udledninger
    The emerging CO2 storage market in Europe is becoming increasingly controlled by a North Sea monopoly, putting at risk the decarbonisation of Southern and Eastern Europe.
  • byggeri renovation
    CONCITO has published the report The Climate Impact of the Danish Building Sector that highlights the most important challenges that the building sector faces in its path towards becoming more sustainable.
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  • nedkøling
    Cooling is fundamental to quality of life in a warming world. It provides thermal comfort to vulnerable populations, keeps food safe on its journey from farm to fork, ensures that vaccines are stable and accessible, and enables workforces to remain productive and digital economies viable. But the growth in cooling is leading to a substantial increase in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • landbrug
    New, stricter requirements are on its way for the agricultural sector, where ambitious targets on biodiversity, climate and environment are shape up. But do farmers have the right framework conditions to meet society’s growing demands and expectations?