Working at CONCITO

Our goal is to accelerate the green transition.

CONCITO is Denmark's leading climate think tank with 60 dedicated employees working to bring new climate knowledge to bear on decision-makers and opinion-leaders.

A large grant from the Velux Foundation has given us even better conditions for this and led to a number of new programs and activities.

As an independent think tank, we are in dialogue with many different parties both in Denmark and internationally. By bringing stakeholders together, we try to bridge the gap between knowledge and policy. We use our climate voice to point to the most important solutions in the green transition. 



We love to be climate nerds and we have high expectations when we analyze the climate challenge. We like to share our knowledge and help each other become even better at finding the future solutions for our climate 

And we have fun too - in everyday life and at parties.


CONCITO comes from Latin and means "I set in motion", which has been our mantra since its inception in 2008.

We live in central Copenhagen, in Læderstræde 20, which is a shared office with other organizations that also work for climate and the environment.

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Vacancies at CONCITO

We love to be climate nerds and have high expectations when we analyze climate solutions - both in a Danish and international context.