1.500 DKK/ton CO2
The German Environmental Agency's estimate of the damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions.
5 times
how many times the price of the green transition rise if we don't choose the right instruments.

Economics is both a catalyst and a barrier to the green transition. Economics is the prism through which many policymakers and debaters view our society and the framework of our possibilities as people, countries, and the world.
Therefore, it is essential to see the necessary green transition in an economic context. What will be the impact of climate change on our well-being? What resources do we have available to adapt? 

What does using different tools mean for what is possible, and how much will it cost?
Economics, in its essence, cannot answer the question of where we are going, but it provides us with good tools to look at the cost of different solutions and what different economic frameworks can contribute.
It is therefore important for CONCITO to answer and be part of the debate on the significant economic issues.


Torsten Hasforth