73 %
of the world's greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil energy - coal, oil and gas
99 %
of Danish electricity production is expected to come from wind and solar power by 2030

A modern society requires large amounts of energy. We need light and heat in our buildings, process energy in industry, and propulsion in transport.  

Denmark is well on the way to a greener energy system. By 2030, we are expected to produce more power from wind and solar than we consume. However, this does not mean that we are there yet. 

The more wind and solar power we build in Denmark, the more energy we can export to our neighbors - to benefit Europe's entire green transition. At the same time, there should be a focus on minimizing biomass consumption in electricity and district heating production, as burning biomass is not, in fact, CO2 neutral. 

The large part of our energy consumption that is currently covered by fossil fuels must be converted. Heat pumps and district heating must replace oil and gas boilers, and passenger and freight transport and most of the industry must be electrified. This will also require abundant green power. 

At the same time, we must use the energy we produce efficiently and flexibly. The greenest energy is the energy we do not use.  

Future green technologies - carbon capture, electrolysis, power-to-x fuels, and energy storage - will also play a crucial role in the energy system of the future.  

In the future, Denmark must be Europe's green powerhouse and show the rest of the world that a transition to 100% renewable energy is good for both the climate and the economy.  


Karsten Capion