Climate Future Lab

What will the net zero society of the future look like?

The Climate Future Lab is a cross-cutting program in CONCITO. We work to link development across sectors and to put long-term climate policy into debate.

Collaborating with foreign experts and vital Danish players, we examine trends and challenge conventional wisdom. We develop ideas on what alternative, climate-friendly futures could look like and what it takes to get there.

The long-term goal is to create visions for Denmark as a climate-positive society. A society that absorbs more greenhouse gases than it emits and offers attractive living conditions for people within planetary boundaries.

Climate Future Labbrings state-of-the-art knowledge to Denmark and offers knowledge of Danish models as inspiration for the green transition abroad.

Climate Future Lab works with:

  1. Identifying possible and attractive futures through dialogue.
  2. Strengthening the knowledge base for long-term, evidence-based policy development through analysis and debating choices, dilemmas, and potentials.
  3. Disseminating knowledge about future challenges and options for action.

A real solution to the climate crisis requires we see the green transition as a transformation of society as a whole - not just as replacing old technology with new ones. This requires cross-cutting and long-term action based on the potential of tomorrow's society rather than the constraints of today's.

Danish emissions account for about one per mille of global emissions. If Denmark is to make an international difference, it is therefore vital that our solutions inspire change in other countries. Denmark must lead the way. It also applies to the business sector, where Denmark as a market leader, cannot be taken for granted in the future. However, this also requires that we as a society take on a leading role in the transition.