The food system's share of global greenhouse gas emissions
How much Danes can reduce the climate footprint of food consumption by eating according to the official dietary guidelines

The food sector accounts for almost a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and is one of the main causes of biodiversity loss. We need a major green transformation of world food production and consumption if we are to ensure a healthy and sustainable planet for present and future generations.  

Many factors are at play in the sustainable development of the food system. These range from climate and biodiversity to public health, animal welfare, the water environment, transport, packaging, food waste, profits, jobs, working conditions and fair trade.

All are relevant and legitimate factors to focus on, but some are more important than others in ensuring a reduction in the food sector's climate impact in line with the Paris Agreement targets.

Our main focus in transforming the food system is therefore to ensure sufficient healthy food in the least space possible with the least greenhouse gas emissions and negative impact on nature, the environment and animal welfare.


Michael Minter
Michael Minter