Visions of the future

26 million
People are pushed into poverty every year by extreme weather.
55-85 %
How much the cost of solar, wind and battery technology has fallen since 2010.

The green transition is the biggest transformation of Danish and global society since the industrial revolution.

A transition that we must achieve in just one generation. If we are to succeed, we need to dare to think long-term. Our choices must be based on the needs of the future - not the constraints of the present.

The long-term goal is a climate-positive Denmark. A society that absorbs more greenhouse gas than it emits and that offers attractive living conditions to citizens within planetary boundaries.

CONCITO raises the issue of attractive, climate-friendly futures. We want to explore and discuss issues such as: What will our future look like when we have completely switched off fossil fuels? How can Denmark become climate neutral by 2050, and what will it be like to live in that society? What international climate responsibility will Denmark have to assume in the future? What values will characterise the lifestyle of the future and how should we balance technological solutions and the need for behavioural change?


Peter Andreas
Peter Andreas Norn