Nordic Stocktake - Pathways to Climate Neutrality

With global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at their highest levels in human history, the need for rapid transformation of societies is immense. Science calls for immediate and deep emission reductions across all sectors to avoid accelerating climate change. Hence, countries that have the tools, know-how and institutional and financial capacity must step up and lead by example.

The Nordic region is well prepared to take on this responsibility and has a strong track record of leading by example. In accomplishment of the Helsinki Declaration on Carbon Neutrality , the Nordic countries have committed themselves to assess the scenarios for how to achieve climate neutrality. Furthermore, the Nordic region aims to be the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030 (Our Vision 2030). The most recent status report (2023) shows that Nordic green ambitions are challenged and points to a need for greatly accelerated efforts.

This report, Nordic Stocktake, reaches a similar conclusion. Due to the Nordics being early starters within the green energy transition, there have been tangible emissions reductions within the energy sector. However, other sectors are lagging behind, and the Nordic region needs to increase the pace of transition to continue leading by example.

Reaching climate neutrality is a massive task, and there are many challenges to overcome. Most of these challenges are not unique to the Nordic countries and solving these in the Nordic region – in countries well-positioned to do so – would prove valuable for global climate action.