Nordic Visions of a Climate Neutral Society

This report is meant as a starting point for further discussion about positive visions of climate neutrality in the Nordic countries – and globally. From citizens to politicians, we all need to start thinking about what “a good life” means in a climate neutral world.

It is also an attempt to demystify the concept of climate neutrality. What kinds of positive changes could it imply for citizens? And why is it worth striving for? These are important questions that have not been fully answered yet. Partly because there is no single answer to any of them. And partly because the dominant climate neutrality narrative has focused on technical aspects of the green transition and the necessity of urgent action. Based on interviews conducted across the Nordic countries, Nordic visions of the climate neutral society could be visions of a society in balance, environmentally and socially. It could be visions about a healthier society, with strong, local communities. It could be visions of a Nordic society with a global mindset and with more spare time. It could be visions of a new, climate friendly economy, a smarter society, and a society with inclusive democracy and long-term policies. These are the elements described in the report.

Nordic visions


This report is one of two main deliverables of the project “Nordic Stocktake and Visions – Pathways to Climate Neutrality”, conducted by the organizations CONCITO, CICERO, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, University of Iceland, Reykjavik University, and Tyrsky Consulting for the Nordic Council of Ministers. In other parts of this project, the consortium has taken stock of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Nordic countries and described and assessed the national pathways towards climate neutrality in the Nordic region (covering Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden).